Newark Mill

Original etching Newark Mill, River Wey, Surrey, United Kingdom.

Introductory text of Bob Gale's monograph.

"Until destroyed by fire in 1966, the 17th century Newark Mill was an imposing landmark on the River Wey close by Newark Priory. A mill had stood on this site since Anglo-Saxon times and its destruction, never to be rebuilt, was then, and still remains a great loss architecturally and historically."

sturdy handcrafted paper,  no watermark, sheet size: 40.4 cm x 35.2 cm, print size: 29.3 cm x 25.7 cm

Enigma: when was this etching made and by whom?, so far can't find a second one on the web, have approached various historical groups and museums but none know the answer so far.

 A monograph has been published by Bob Gale 'Newark Mill Ripley Surrey' in 1991 but there is no reference or image of this specific etching.

So far unsuccessfully searched for more info on the artist of this fairly large etching

William Bard/Bird/Baird—signature does not match Wm B Baird.

Also unsuccessfully tried to find contact options of the author of the monograph Bob Gale

More Info Newark Mill

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